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Sunday, 16th of August, around 23:00.

I was getting ready for bed, since tomorrow is my first day of graphic design internship at Project Breeze. But I couldn’t have slept without telling you how my adventure begun.

I arrived in Hamburg, Germany, 3 days ago and there’s so much to process when I look back. I left Tirgu-Mures Wednesday morning, heading to Oradea with my mother. After a day of shopping for Romanian souvenirs, the day has come for me to say goodbye and board a mini-bus to Budapest Airport, terminal 2. On my way there I was surprised to find out I was sharing the mini-bus with 2 other AIESECers. One of them was on his way to the Thai Embassy in Budapest to get his visa, and the other one was going in exchange to Tunisia. I actually got to spend a few hours in the Budapest Airport with the second AIESECer, but eventually we said goodbye to each other and after a thorough security check I boarded the plane that was going to take me to Hamburg… to freedom.

2015-08-13 14.59.10 - birdeye view of Hamburg

At Hamburg airport I was awaited by Miko, whom I later found out would be the next President of AIESEC in Hamburg. We arrived at the flat where I was going to spend the next 2 days, in Stefan’s room.

2015-08-13 20.40.57 - Stefan's appartment

These two days would seem to pass quite fast, but before I left to my dorm where I was going to settle for the next months, I got a little taste of a German AIESEC party. Friday was the birthday of Norman (Vice-President Finance) and I think the following picture pretty much dismantles the myth that Germans don’t know how to have fun:

2015-08-15 02.05.13 - scandenberg

Friday I also met Robert, Sascha, Annika and Zarko, during a complementary dinner from Project Breeze. They seemed to be nice people.

Saturday I left my cozy bed in Stefan’s room and headed to the dorm.

2015-08-14 15.10.16 - my cozy bed in Sefan's room

I met Ana Maria, a tough Colombian girl who was going to give me her dorm room, since she was moving to an apartment that was much closer to her workplace. And so I moved into this dorm room which is pretty clean and intimate, but more about my journey next week, because now I really need to go to bed so I won’t be late tomorrow on my first day at work.

This article is meant to be just the first in the series which I have called “Freedom Addict Diary” and its purpose is, beside the one of a public diary, to inspire and encourage others to step out of their comfort zone and simply explore the World and themselves.

Until next time… make an awesome week for yourself!