A short CV:

  • I have a 10 year experience in computer graphic design. I am acquainted with various design programs such as: Photoshop, InDesign, Corel Draw, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash, 3D Max and others.
  • In my spare time I am Project Manager at Red Cross Mures.
  • In 2010 I was Vice-President Information Management in AIESEC Ireland.
  • I was Vice-President Communication in AIESEC Bucharest for the term 2009-2010.
  • In 2007 I was a member of 5 different NGOs (AIESEC, BEST, Crucea Rosie, LASFA si GIPIR).
  • I am a founding member and I was an Interim President at LASFA (The Student League of the English Stream) within FILS (The Faculty of Engineering in Foreign Languages) from Politehnica University of Bucharest.

If you want to find out more about me, please view my updated LinkedIn profile at: http://www.linkedin.com/in/tudorbercea

Mihai Tica
Mihai Tica IT Project Manager & Product Owner at DHL Express
I always think of Tudor as one of the few people whose work is really their passion. His impeccable designs are standing proof of his attention to detail and dedication. Whilst working in AIESEC I have seen at first hand the benefits and impact of the advertising materials created by Tudor.
Raluca Boghian
Raluca Boghian Product Manager at L'Oréal
There are two things that have always amazed me about Tudor: first of all, there is creativity without boundaries, with which he enriches with every single work that he does. His creations are always fresh, vivid and expressive. Secondly, on the projects that we have worked together, Tudor has proved to be a restless solutions seeker, by proposing various approaches to meet the projects’ goals, with a 360 degrees perspective of the things.
Alexandru Gal
Alexandru Gal Project Manager, Business Strategy EMEA at DHL Global Forwarding
I have been working with Tudor on various projects (ranging from advertising campaigns & communication strategy, all the way to web development) between 2005 and 2007. On all of these occasions, the results have been outstanding – e.g. on one particular recruitment campaign that was taking place twice per year, his work on physical and online communication materials has generated the highest number of applications in more than 5 years and excellent feedback. At the same time, working with him was really stress-free – coordination from concept, through design to implementation and follow-up has been excellent. Given the chance, I would definitely work with Tudor again.
Oana Țoiu
Oana Țoiu Executive Director at KCMC - K Consulting Management and Coordination
He thinks before every step. His output is clean, even if this means spending the whole night on the smallest details. And he will care about the final result at least as much as you do. Of all the designers I have worked with so far, my copyright had been laid most naturally on the images created by him. I would almost not recommend him to anyone, just as you wouldn’t recommend the best coffee-shops, so that they wouldn’t invade your favorite place and you won’t find a free table.
Emil Huzu
Emil Huzu HR Operations at Pfizer
I had the opportunity to work with Tudor on a number of projects. I’ve known Tudor as an excellent professional, well experienced in graphic design and branding. He is creative, enthusiastic and dedicated to his work and he built a reputation for high quality output of his work. I trust and recommend Tudor and his work.
Mircea Tudose
Mircea Tudose Consultant at TUI Travel Plc. Collaborated with Tudor for two years in AIESEC and in other corporate projects.
I have the pleasure to recommend Tudor as a proficient graphic designer and creative “master-mind”. I had the opportunity to work with Tudor with numerous occasions and also to observe his collaboration with both internal and external clients of the organization. Each time, Tudor managed to deliver surprising results, be it entire product campaigns or specific projects and demonstrated remarkable customer understanding and an eye for even the smallest details. Moreover, Tudor’s experience with various types of organizations brings great value to any fresh venture that aims to stand out of the crowd. Personally, I would recommend Tudor’s talent to any client in search for a long term partnership with an ambitious designer.
Nicoleta Anton
Nicoleta Anton Online Campaign Coordinator at TomTom International
I have worked with Tudor on numerous occasions, both in our student organisation, AIESEC, and while I was responsible for PR and Marketing at Catalyst Solutions. I have always found Tudor a trustworthy person who delivered on time and high quality. He would respond well to feedback and then include it effortlessly in the new designs he presented. I would recommend Tudor for any graphic design project you might have, and I would work with him again if I will have the opportunity in the future.
Andreea Clair
Andreea Clair Marketing Specialist at Jordahl&Pfeifer Bautechnik
Tudor is one of the few people I could describe as a complete and accomplished expert. Full of ideas and never overlooking a bird’s eye view, he is the one who can give you a strong sense of stability when it comes to tough challenges. But one of his most valuable assets is that, aside from being resourceful and professional, you could also relate to him as a person, and not just as a business partner, which I believe is very hard to find in most business environments.
Bianca Cioti
Bianca Cioti Marketing Manager at Sushi Ko
What inspired me the most when working with Tudor is the fact that he is a complete finisher and a detail oriented person who will not rest until his projects achieve his standards. While working with him in AIESEC, he always motivated me to do more, to be more original and to aim high. He would not settle for less than perfect when working on a campaign. Hiring him will mean more than hiring a graphic designer, he will take ownership of your project and will become your partner, understanding your needs and delivering everything in time and budget. This is exactly what I am looking for when deciding to work with a graphic designer.
Adrian Fako
Adrian Fako Managing Partner at 8000 PLUS (www.8000plus.org)
Tudor motivated us very well when he was the Team Leader and was also a good teacher on technical skills. Under his supervision, we designed the image of more than 10 events between 2007 and 2008.
Andrei Stoica
Andrei Stoica Managing Partner at 8000 PLUS (www.8000plus.org)
Tudor is the person I learned Photoshop from. Long before thinking about a career in design or marketing he taught me the basics of graphic design in AIESEC Bucharest being Vice President Communication. In his team I lived one of the most intense parts of my life. Tudor is one of the most hard working persons I know, striving each day to become better and better and giving everything he’s got without hesitation.
Catalina Simion
Catalina Simion Online Marketing Manager at Hybris Software
Tudor is an excellent designer, able to translate even the most complicated requests in beautiful work. In my job, I understand now how rare are those people that have the talent of expressing an image through promotional materials while keeping in mind that the concept needs to be all the time fresh and actual. If you want great results, time effectiveness, creative approach and a great team worker I recommend Tudor Bercea.
Alexandra-Ilinca Dinu
Alexandra-Ilinca Dinu Programs Developer at KCMC
I’ve started working with Tudor from the beginning of his ascension as a graphic designer. The one thing I can say always impressed me was that he managed to bring a new fresh perspective in a very clean and professional execution, no matter the job proposed to him. From my work experience with him I can say that he treats his work from a team perspective and always thinks of the end result altogether with a very attractive obsession for details. I would recommend Tudor for an outstanding execution for any communication challenge you may face.
Luiza Dancescu
Luiza Dancescu Authorized Trainer at Rentrop&Straton
If Tudor were to name his superpower, that would be finding solutions to everything, especially in the IT sector. Nonetheless, his ability to work with people and be there for each and every one whenever needed proved that he was not only skilled in technical issues, but also extremely aware of people and things around him. Working with Tudor is the best thing that could happen to a team or a project.
Cristina Olaru
Cristina Olaru Vice President Communication at AIESEC Bucharest
I have worked with Tudor while being Vice President Communication for the Bucharest branch of the youth leadership organization AIESEC.  While working with Tudor I was immediately captured by his passion for design and was every time impressed by the concepts he would present and their superb execution. Tudor took the advertising tools of AIESEC in Bucharest to a new level, setting a very high standard in terms of innovation and professionalism of our internal and external communication channels. Good communicator, reliable and with a great team spirit, Tudor was a pleasure to work with and I highly support him in his future endeavors.
Alexandru Ciungu
Alexandru Ciungu Worked with Tudor for two years in the context of communication campaigns of AIESEC Bucharest
What’s great about working with Tudor is that whatever look you have in mind for your website or promotional materials, he will not be satisfied until he manages to deliver an end result which completely reflects that. And in my experience it’s not easy to find people who are willing and able to bring this level of commitment and attention to design. I was on more than one occasion blown away by his work and I’d recommend Tudor with no second thoughts.
Radu Bosa
Radu Bosa My Way Program Coordinator at PwC
Creative and very passionate for what he is doing, Tudor gets my vote of confidence for any graphic design-based project he is involved in. I had the chance to observe his work and I was impressed by the outputs. I would be happy to work with him again, as I would know to expect something highly qualitative as an outcome.
Andrei Decu
Andrei Decu PhD Student at University College London
Tudor is very dedicated to his work. He is goal-oriented in a very humane manner, taking into consideration other people’s goals and sharing common interests. He is enthusiastic and this reflects on the team he is involved with.
Diana Badea
Diana Badea Export Import Manager at ŞAH Elektrik Aydinlatma - Istanbul, Turkey
I had the pleasure to work with Tudor on several projects while being part of AIESEC and I was impressed by his dedication, full engagement and perseverance. Very calm and spiritual, a good friend in need and a very good team player, I much enjoyed all time being around him both in professional and social life.
Oana Pascu
Oana Pascu Head of Communication at AIESEC in Switzerland
I had the chance to work with Tudor while we were both members of AIESEC Bucharest. He was the Advertising Team Leader and I was a new member in the team. Tudor was for me back then a role model and a mentor and a lot of what I am today when it comes to Graphic Design is because of him. He had the patience to challenge me every single moment in my AIESEC career and to help me grow, but also the willingness to share with me as much as he could from his experience. He motivated me to want more and do more and he made me understand that when it comes to design everything has to be perfect and attention to details is essential. I love Tudor’s work. It’s clean, precise and very easy to understand. He has an incredible taste, he knows his audience and everything he does is very elegant and smooth. I strongly recommend Tudor and his work.