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Monday, 31st of August 2015

It was quite a normal start of the week. Robert left for Berlin until Friday, and I have quite a lot of tasks to resolve until he returns.

When I left the office I came across a bizarre appearance on the streets of Hamburg – a tractor in the center of the city, driving alongside Volkswagens and BMWs:

2015-08-31 18.21.07-tractor in Hamburg

I arrived home and checked my mailbox… and surprise: I have received my brand new debit card from Haspa bank. Although it looks a bit weird without the 16-digit card number and I wonder how I am going to use it for online shopping.

Tuesday, 1st of September 2015

While Robert is gone I have quite a lot of work to do, and unfortunately I still depend on him giving me prompt feedback. Things are not going very smooth because of this and I have to work at least 3 tasks in parallel.

After work I went to the bank machine to withdraw some money. I managed to accomplish this task from the first trial, even though the interface was in German. While I was doing it, a thought crossed my mind, thinking this is how people playing at slot machines must feel like. Pushing random buttons and hoping for money to come out. 🙂

I also managed to make a monthly transportation subscription in the morning, but in the evening I wasn’t so happy with the acquisition as I learned that for just 10 EURO extra, I could have made a monthly subscription not only for 3 areas in Hamburg but for the whole Greater Area of Hamburg (rings A and B), which comprises pretty much all the important areas of this big city. So I went to Hauptbahnhof (Central Station) and I changed it, paying only the 10 EURO difference.

HVV-Tarifplan / Fare Zone Plan, Stand 14.12.2014

HVV-Tarifplan / Fare Zone Plan, Stand 14.12.2014

Wednesday, 2nd of September 2015

I’m not sure how a coffee addict feels like, that is if he feels any different at all, but although I don’t fancy its taste, I do need that extra energy boost that only a cup of coffee can give. I didn’t drink any coffee before coming to Hamburg, and now I serve it hot, milky and sweet, every morning.

Two things that I’ve noticed coming home from work: First, the bus got a bit more crowded, and I’m guessing it’s because people are back from their summer holidays. Second, there are more beggars on the street and on the subway than there are in Bucharest for example, which is quite paradoxical, since Germany is supposed to be a rich and developed country.

When I took bus 179 towards the dorm I had to get off one station before Ueberseekolleg because the police made a road block on Alsterdorfer Strasse. I wanted to make a picture, but I didn’t want to look suspicious and be stopped by the “Polizei”. They looked intimidating enough even from the distance.

Thursday, 3rd of September 2015

If you remember, I wrote in one of my previous posts that ZDF – the national German television – came to the office to make a report on Project Breeze. Well today, we appeared on TV. Click here to see the video.

Pretty cool, huh? 🙂 In the video you can also see parts of the office. But what you can’t see is the small terrace where you can disconnect and get away from all your problems, at least for 10 minutes. So I made a picture for you:

2015-09-03 13.34.21-office terrace

It’s probably not the quietest place in Hamburg, as the metro railroad passes right behind our office, it may not be the largest terrace on the block, or the tidiest, but it does the job, and there’s no better place anywhere around the office to sip from your cup of hot tea.

Friday, 4th of September 2015

Robert has returned. And in a good moment, since I desperately needed his feedback and approval on like 7 different things, before I could make any progress with my work.

At lunch we wanted to go to a new place that we haven’t been to before. Robert found on Foursquare a restaurant called “Gasthof Möhrchen” (or “The Tavern of the Carrots”). After a long walk and many detours, we found it:

2015-09-04 13.00.34-Gasthof Möhrchen

Gasthof Möhrchen – “The Tavern of the Carrots”

Robert tried to trick me into thinking they had “German salt”. Honestly, I have no idea how you’re supposed to eat it without breaking your teeth with its big chunks:

"German" (NOT!) salt

“German” (NOT!) salt

I had some linguine, which is very Italian actually, and I regretted my decision after I saw Robert’s and Annika’s plates that included probably the biggest meatballs I have ever seen:

Saturday, 5th of September 2015

I had to recover after this week’s work so I woke up only in the afternoon. The weather was unstable, so I just stayed inside and played Civilization V:

Civilization 5 PrintScr

“A waste of time” – some would argue. But not if this is what you need to gather enough energy for another working week.

Sunday, 6th of September 2015

The weather was unstable, so I stayed home all day. Once in a while I like to light up a citrus-aroma candle in the evening.

2015-09-06 20.53.59-lit candle

Hopefully I will have more to share next week, and if the weather will be fine, I will visit more of Hamburg.