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This week I am going to show you briefly how to create a WordPress website from scratch. You do not need to have any skills at all. Perhaps some basic html skills however are a plus. I will not go into details. This is just an overview.

  1. Purchase a domain
    • of course, you must first need to have a domain (aka a name) for your website; my website’s domain is
    • you can purchase the domain from basically any domain registrars or hosting providers; just do a google search with “buy domain” and you will find plenty of websites where you can purchase your domain;
    • of course, your domain must be available (aka nobody else has bought it before you)
    • How-To-Create-Website-1
  2. Purchase hosting for your website
    • any website must be hosted on a server
    • you can buy 1Gb, 3Gb or even more – according to your needs – from various hosting providers
    • the criteria I took in consideration when choosing my hosting provider were:
      • [server space / price] ratio – the higher the ratio, the better; you want to pay as little as possible for one Mb of space you purchase
      • monthly bandwidth – preferably unlimited; you don’t want to have a fixed amount of data that you can upload/download to your server space
      • number of domains you can host; at first, I bought 2 domains: and and I needed a hosting provider that would allow me to host at least 2 domains
      • number of MySQL databases; any WordPress website has an associated MySQL database, therefore you must be able to host at least as many databases as the number of domains hosted on your server;
      • SSD – the latest Solid State Disks technology allows your website to load much faster than conventional Hard Drives
      • there are other criteria and it’s always best to search for some reviews before deciding on your hosting provider;
    • I chose because they scored highes at the criteria above and I also found some good reviews regarding their client service
    • How-To-Create-Website-2
  3. Add your domain to your hosting service
    • usually you can buy both the domain and the hosting together; if that is the case, you can probably skip down to step 4
    • you need to make sure that your newly-purchased domain will be hosted on your hosting
    • for this, you need to make sure that the DNS (Domain Name Servers) of your domain point to your hosting provider; please note that this might take 40 minutes to several hours to complete;
    • your domain registrar should normally send you detailed information about how you can access your domain’s DNS; I had to access (see pictures below)
    • How-To-Create-Website-3
    • How-To-Create-Website-4
  4. Install WordPress
  5. Customize your website
    • your website is pretty much done; all you need to do now is customize your website and add content on posts and pages; but perhaps this is a subject for another tutorial
    • How-To-Create-Website-6

I hope you enjoyed this first tutorial. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me or to write a comment in the comment section below and I will try to answer as soon as possible.