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Monday, 5th of October 2015

Since Robert and Annika haven’t yet arrived back from Istanbul, I worked from home. Saving 2 hours which I usually spend commuting from home to work and back might not seem much, but when I can use that time to get an extra hour of sleep, it’s magical. 🙂 I can’t say that my work is stressful or exhausting, but years of freelancing and waking up whenever I could damn please, have made their toll on me, so it takes a while to adjust to a schedule.

Tuesday, 6th of October 2015

In the evening the internet went down. This is probably the worst thing that can happen. Someone has accurately updated Maslow’s Pyramid of Needs, and you’ve probably seen this before:

maslow wifi

Wednesday, 7th of October 2015

We ate at Cooko’s but I forgot to take a picture. 🙁 So I’m just going to show you a picture of some bruschettes I baked in the oven:

2015-10-06 15.04.17-bruschettes

They’re kinda like pizza, but less tasty. Remind me not to buy them again.

Thursday, 8th of October 2015

When I told you I’m probably going to change this blog into a food review blog you didn’t believe me. Well, here’s another episode…

Today we all had lunch together. And when I mean all, I am referring to me, Zarko, Annika, Elsa and Robert. And when I mean lunch, I am talking about potatoes at Kumpir. Anyway, it was really nice to see that the Breeze team is growing. We all knew it was, but you don’t really realize it until we all gather together like we did today.

2015-10-08 13.42.45-potatoes at kumpir

Of course, we couldn’t resist buying some cake from Rewe supermarket.

2015-10-08 14.21.22-cake from Rewe

Friday, 9th of October 2015

Every day I am passing by a very peculiar monument. I am not sure what it commemorates. It obviously has something to do with war, but I found it really interesting how they used real bomb shells to create something of artistic value.

“Oh Tudor, tell us some more about food.”

Okay okay, hold your appetite. I recently discovered that I am an excellent cook. I can bake any frozen pizza in under 13 minutes! Beat that, Jamie Oliver! :-p

2015-10-09 20.43.19-frozen pizza

Saturday, 10th of October 2015

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. Today I am going to go get the package full of goodies sent by my mum all the way from Romania. Oh but wait. What’s that reindeer doing on that poster? And why is he wearing a Christmas hat in October?

2015-10-10 10.56.15-Christmas poster in subway

Obviously, Germans are eager for Christmas to arrive. I even heard some Kaufland supermarket was already selling Santa-shaped chocolate. Be patient, Germany, we still have more than two months till Christmas.

Finally got the goodies. Obviously, half of the weight of the package was occupied by “zacusca”:

2015-10-10 12.46.53-goodies from Romania

Thank you once again, mum, for sending me all these goodies. Special thanks also goes to Dana, Corina, aunt Livia and everyone else who contributed. I have immediately eaten a whole jar of zacusca, but then I decided to save the rest for some of my German friends.

Sunday, 11th of October 2015

I see plenty of nice cars on the streets of Hamburg. And also some old retro cars. Like this one:

2015-10-10 12.27.47-retro car

So apparently Germans know how to appreciate good, old school design. We should learn from them. Not everything that’s new will last forever.